Pedigrees of Breeding Pairs

Dam: Countryside Reece MH

Reece is an outstanding female from Iowa who has produced great puppies with our HHC stud dogs.

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Sire: HHC Scent
Scent is a proven performer in Tournament Hunting. His nose is one of the most sensitive we've seen. Handsome, athletic and personable. Great genes, for sure!

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HHC Scent

Sire: HHC Hank
Hank is another proven performer in Tournament Hunting. Athletic and tireless in the field. Great water dog, too! This is one of the top German Shorthairs around.

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HHC Hank

Dam: HHC Mercy
Mercy is the Club’s top guide dog, and has performed at an extremely high level in the 2013 tournament season, including her victory in the Top Dog Showdown (while visibly pregnant!). She has a wonderful nose, a solid, stylish point, and a picture perfect retrieve.

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HHC Mercy

Dam: HHC Claudia

Claudia is a bird finding machine who is a favorite to win every tournament she enters. At the 2012 US Open, she won four divisions!

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Sire: HHC Sal
Sal is about as complete as a dog gets. He has a great nose, sylish point, perfect retrieve and honor. He was easy to train – he completed the first leg of his Master Hunter at 6 months and had completed his Master Hunter title shortly after his 2nd birthday. Sal loves the water. His pedigree comes from the heart of “The Line.”

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